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Angular Developer (on-hold)


Are you looking for an international freelance career opportunity in a very challenging environment while you can enjoy the sun in your time off?

Start date: ASAP
Duration: 1 year
Availability: 40 hours a week
Location: Madrid


Our international client (in Madrid) is looking for an Angular Developer who will be working in a Scrum team. In total you will work with 130 colleagues of whom 60% are Spanish and 40% are from 17 different countries. The client is aiming to switch to Angular 5. At the moment all the developers have a lot of .NET, fullstack, BI and Database knowledge but Angular is falling behind. This results in solutions that are not optimal and takes a lot of time to deploy. This also causes more lines of code what makes maintaince a lenghty job. At the moment there is a mix of teams who are working with Angular 2 and Angular 4.

Furthermore, the client will arrange the accomodation. Until they find an appartement which fits your needs, the client will also arrange and pay the costs of your hotel. Also, if you wish, you can travel once in 6 weeks to the Netherlands and in total 8 retour tickets will be paid by the company.


  • At least 5 years experience with Javascript
  • Experience with Angular 2,4,5
  • Experience with Test Driven Development
  • Experience in coordinating people and projects
  • Experience with Code Review

You will be developing 20 hours a week in your own team and the other 20 hours you will be spending your time on:

  • Coaching
  • Parring
  • Code Review
  • Training people

The goal is to boost the front-end knowledge to a next level within a year.

The development team you will be coding with is responsible for the UI library where all standard front-end components are developed for the rest of the Scrum teams. Think of standard menu’s, standard dropdown boxxes etc.