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.NET Developer (gesloten)


WIBA IT zoekt voor haar klant in de regio Den Haag naar een .NET Developer.

Start: ZSM
Duur: 3 maanden +
Aantal uren per week: 40 uur


The company platform has been written from scratch using modern architecture techniques like microservices, CQRS and event sourcing. We use DDD (domain-driven design) to get a thoughtthrough domain model that closely models the business and provides us with a functional decomposition that maps to decoupled services. We use Angular and Typescript for frontend development and C# for backend development. Logiqcare is a multi-tenant SaaS product built using the PaaS services of Azure.


As Backend Software Engineer you are intrinsically motivated and you thrive when given autonomy, even more so, you take charge and ownership in your work. We want you to challenge us by sharing your thoughts and with that, as a team, we will come to the right solution. You love to challenge yourself, to keep learning and you have good analytics skills in order to finetune the next steps to be taken for the platform to develop further towards our ultimate goal.

Furthermore, you have/are:

• At least 5 years working experience in this field
• Experienced in designing software, e.g. know what design patterns and SOLID are and know how to write a technical design
• Experience with Microsoft stack: .NET 4.7, C# 7.0, LINQ
• Experience with Microsoft Azure cloud (e. g. services like App Service, Service Bus, Web Jobs, Application Insights, Storage, Azure SQL, etc.)
• Used to working with agile software development, code reviews, unit testing, UI testing, continuous integration/deployment
• Experience with or strong interest in Domain-driven design, Event sourcing, CQRS, Sagas & eventual consistency
• It’s a pre (but not essential) if you have experience with ASP.NET Web API, SignalR, Entity Framework 6, Automapper 6, Owin, Ninject, TeamCity, SpecFlow, Selenium and with frontend technology such as Angular 1.6, Bootstrap 4, Typescript 1.8, bower, grunt, node