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Product Owner


Voor een eindklant in Amsterdam zoekt WIBA IT een Product Owner. 

Start: Z.s.m. (Uiterlijk 02-07-2018)
Duur: Langere tijd, contracten per kwartaal 
Inzet: 32-40 uur 


We are looking for a Product Owner with a real Agile mindset. Our Product Owners are the voice of the customer and in this case the team is there to build a state of the art authentication engine as well as all systems to ensure we prevent, detect and resolve fraud. These are features we build for our clients although they may not ask for them. So your role is to determine the way forward together with the domain experts and the other Scrum teams you are serving.

Our client is ambitious in becoming an Agile company because we believe we need to become truly agile to be able to quickly and continuously adapt to the ever changing customer needs. The client started its agile transformation two years ago. We are well underway in implementing basic Scrum and some other agile practices in our IT development and we are working towards DevOps. We need you as a Product Owner to help us grow and mature our agility. As a Product Owner you guide the two disciplines in the team in building for our client. The professional and technical standard is high. One team is building all mechanisms for fraud monitoring & detection, authentication and security in a multi-cloud environment. You will guide these teams in what to build, delivering the optimal user experience for our clients. You have interaction with your stakeholders and other teams as your deliverables are a crucial element of our service offering. You are budget responsible and have the mandate to optimise the team in order to deliver requested results. You actively participate in our PO-circle and our client community and contribute where possible.


You are a Product Owner with structure. You know Agile practices (including Continuous Delivery, test driven development, etc.) and you challenge the teams on both process and technical improvements to grow to high performance. You have relevant experience in either authentication (Identity and Access Management) or in Fraud (systems for detection, monitoring) and a strong team player in your team. You have a technical background that is relevant for the role so you can be a sparring partner on a technical level as well. Your passion lies in Agility and team optimization. You are creative and can inspire others to be likewise. You have a track record in successful Product Ownership. You build bridges and bring people together, enabling them to perform optimally. You create a safe environment where failing fast is the standard.

  • Relevant technical background
  • Preferably a programming experience at some point in the past
  • Experience with IT development (processes)
  • Mastery of the Scrum Framework but also strong knowledge of several others agile methods, frameworks and concepts (e.g. Scrum, XP, Lean Software Development, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe).
  • Be able to challenge engineering practices (e.g. continuous integration & deployment, test driven development, automation)
  • Knowledge of DevOps is a plus
  • Proven experience working in an Agile environment
  • Experience working as a Product Owner
  • Experienced Jira user
  • Experience with either Authentication, Federation and/or Fraud detection and analysis
  • Your mastery of English is good in both speaking and writing.